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How I've previously helped development teams

Consistent development environment

Quicker onboarding and fewer bugs

It can often take a long time for developers to set up their machines when they start a new project (hours or days) and differences between software versions increases the chance of incompatibilities and bugs when code is deployed.

Consistent development environments, using Virtualbox and Docker, remove these problems and ensure everyone is developing against the same software.

Easy, safe deployments

Release often, and without fear

A manual deployment process makes it easy for someone to accidentally do something in the wrong order or in a subtly incorrect way.

Automated deployments remove the potential for mistakes — each deployment runs exactly as it should. Continuous Integration allows non-developers to deploy code to agreed environments and allows a focus on the test suite.

Code reviews

Pick up bugs quickly and increase team knowledge

Code reviews are a great opportunity for sharing knowledge between developers and help to ensure knowledge-cover in case emergency. They also provide a checkpoint to sanity check new code to pick up bugs or potential future issues.

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